Super Reggae & Soul Hits

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Super Reggae & Soul Hits

Album de Dennis Brown
Sortie 1972
Enregistré au Federal Studio
et au Harry J. Studio
en 1972
Durée 36:49
Genre Reggae
Producteur Derrick Harriott
Label Move & Groove
et Crystal (Jamaïque)
Trojan (Royaume-Uni)[1]

Albums de Dennis Brown

Super Reggae & Soul Hits est un album enregistré par Dennis Brown pour Derrick Harriott en 1972 (sauf Lips Of Wine, enregistré en 1969) et paru la même année.

Comme son nom l'indique, il reprend quelques "hits" américains, tels que Silhouettes des Diamonds, Wichita Lineman de Glen Campbell, How Could I Let You Get Away des Spinners, ou encore Let Me Down Easy de Van McCoy, mais contient également des compositions personnelles.

Le disque est réédité en CD en 2006 par Trojan[1].


Face A

  1. Concentration (Ver 1) (Dennis Brown) - 2:27
  2. Concentration (Ver 3) (Dennis Brown) - 2:34
  3. Silhouettes (Bob Crewe, Franck Slay) - 3:20
  4. Wichita Lineman (Jimmy Webb) - 4:05
  5. He Can't Spell (Dennis Brown) - 3:15
  6. Musical Heatwave (Dennis Brown) - 2:33

Face B

  1. I Didn't Know (Ver 1) (Dennis Brown) - 2:36
  2. I Didn't Know (Ver 2) (Dennis Brown) - 2:35
  3. How Could I Let You Get Away (Yvette Davis) - 3:47
  4. Lips Of Wine (Dennis Brown) - 2:41
  5. Let Me Down Easy (Van McCoy) - 2:54
  6. Changing Times (Derrick Harriott)- 2:56

Réédition CD[modifier]

  1. Concentration (Ver 1) - 2:27
  2. Concentration (Ver 3) - 2:34
  3. Silhouettes - 3:20
  4. Wichita Lineman - 4:05
  5. He Can't Spell - 3:15
  6. Musical Heatwave - 2:33
  7. I Didn't Know (Ver 1) - 2:36
  8. I Didn't Know (Ver 2) - 2:35
  9. How Could I Let You Get Away - 3:47
  10. Lips Of Wine - 2:41
  11. Let Me Down Easy - 2:54
  12. Changing Times - 2:56
  13. Concentration (Ver 2) (Dennis Brown & The Crystalites) - 2:31
  14. Silhouettes Version (Dennis Brown & The Crystalites) - 3:00
  15. Dock Of The Bay (Big Youth) - 3:02
  16. Bass And Drum Version (Augustus Pablo & The Crystalites) - 3:06
  17. Acid Version (Dennis Brown & The Crystalites) - 2:32
  18. Isic (Means Music) (The Crystalites) - 3:08
  19. Changing Times Version (The Crystalites) - 2:55


  • The Crystalites

Notes de la pochette[modifier]

Remember that youth only ten years old who use to forward himself on stage shows at the Carib Theatre ? “Seen I” you mean Dennis Brown.
Well he is now sixteen years old and awarded in 1972 three awards most promising singer from Record Retailer, Swing Magazine and El Suzie Au-Go-Go.
Dennis started singing at the age of five born from a musical family his father Arthur Brown is a script writer, and actor appearing in many plays on stage and T.V. and his brother Basil Brown a local comedian popularly known as “Man Man,” in the popular radio series “Life in the Hopeful Village” now reside in the U.S.A.
Dennis was formerly a resident vocalist with the Falcons and Soul Syndicate bands, appeared on many big shows throughout Jamaica including “Smashville 68” starring the late King Curtis and the Sweet Inspirations he also appeared on the National Arena in June 1972 with Junior Walker and his All Stars and Nina Simone, Dennis proved to be the hot favourite of the local section of the show bringing screams from the girls and cheers from the men.
His ambition is to be a devoted musician covering Singer, Composer and Arranger up to recently in September 1972 Dennis had five records on the charts with two in the top ten one reaching number one (a rare feat), listen to Dennis Brown on this L.P. Super Hits doing some of his originals like “Concentration”, “I Didn’t Know” which stand out as powerful sounds, listen to his versatility on “Silhouettes” and the beautiful styling he does on “Wichita Lineman”. Dennis writes most of his songs and is guided in his music career by Derrick Harriott his producer, good luck to the talented Dennis Brown and I am sure after listening to this L.P. you will be a devoted fan, RIGHT ON.

Notes et références[modifier]

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