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Discographie de Man's Ruin Records

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Cet article présente la discographie du label disparu Man's Ruin Records :


Artiste Titre Référence catalogue
E.A.R. Delta 6 10" MR-001
The Useless Playboys Bim Bam 7" picture disc MR-002
The Tards Rubber Room 7" MR-003
Dale Crover Drumb 7" MR-004
The Dwarves Gentlemen Prefer Blondes But Blondes Don't Like Cripples 7" picture disc MR-005
Blag Dahlia Haunt Me 7" MR-006
Killdozer / Ritual Device We Will Crush You split 10" MR-007
Frank Kozik Man's Ruin: The Posters and Art of Frank Kozik Book MR-008
Useless Playboys Drunk Elephant T-Shirt MR-009
Pervis Simple 7" MR-010
Steel Pole Bath Tub Auf Wiedersehen 7" MR-011
The Outsideinside 9:33 7" MR-012
Mono Men Monster 7" MR-013
Melvins Interstellar Overdrive 10" MR-014
Kyuss Into The Void 10" MR-015
Brutal Juice All American City 7" MR-016
Protein My Blood 7" MR-017
Roadsaw American Dream 7" MR-018
Tree Home Front 7" MR-019
Aunt Worm Saucy Young Lady 7" MR-020
X-Cops Beat You Down 7" MR-021
The Hellacopters Supershitty to the Max! LP/CD MR-022
The Nomads Iron Dream 7" MR-023
Unsane Sick 7" MR-024
Barkmarket Peacekeeper 12" MR-025
7 Year Bitch Miss Understood 7" MR-026
Daddy Longhead Daddy Longhead 10" MR-027
The Cowslingers Trucker's Last Dollar 7" MR-028
Hammerlock American Asshole CD MR-029
The Onyas Live For Rejection 7" MR-030
Flux Plains At Ground Zero 7" MR-031
Cosmic Psychos She's A Lost Cause 7" MR-032
The Clarke Nova Highway Star 7" MR-033
Helios Creed Abducted 7" MR-034
Chrome Chrome 10" MR-035
Gamma Ray If Only Everything 7" MR-036
Action Suits Cancer Father 7" MR-037
Tree God Grows Grass 7" MR-038
Daddy Longhead Classic CD MR-039
Trailer Hitch Long Tall Tales... CD MR-040
The Heads Delwyn's Conkers 10" MR-041
The Demonics R.I.P. S.T.P. 7" MR-042
Ton-Ups Kill Me Slow 7" MR-043
Hammerlock Knock Her Out 7" MR-044
Infested Who They Are 7" MR-045
Six Minute War Madness L'Ora Guista 7" MR-046
Drooler King Of The Coal Mine 7" MR-047
Fu Manchu Godzilla 10" MR-048
Barkmarket L.RON LP MR-049
Earthlings? Earthlings MR-050
The Dwarves/Blag Dahlia We Must Have Blood/Surfing The Intercourse Barn 7" MR-051
Ultraviolet Booze Catastrophe Electric Honkey 10" MR-052
Sex Pistols/The Ugly Pretty Vacant/Disorder/You Bug Me 7" MR-053
Polar Bear Polar Bear LP MR-054
Viletones Screamin' Fist 7" MR-055
Sex Pistols/Sofisticatos Sex Pistols: "No Feelings", Sofisticatos: "New York Rocket" MR-056
Magic Dirt I Was Cruel 10" I Was Cruel, She-Riff, You Won't Know MR-057
Croatan Terror In My Pants 7" Terror In My Pants, Fastened To The Wall MR-058
Shyster February CD MR-059
Croatan Violent Passion Surrogate CD MR-060
Chrome Tidal Forces CD MR-061
Schweinhund Bastard 7" MR-062
Kyuss/Gamma Ray split CD MR-063
Zeke Woooooooooooooooooooooo Oooooooooooooooooooooooo Pig Sooooooooooooooooooooooo Oooooooooooooooooooooouie 7" MR-064
Killdozer The Last Waltz CD MR-065
Adam Parfrey An Sordid Evening Of Sonic Sorrows CD MS-066
Los Cowslingers Mexican Blackbird 7" MR-067
Mover Original Recipe LP/CD MR-068
Unsane Amrep Xmas CD MR-069
Fireballs Holiday 7" MR-070
Electric Wizard/Orange Goblin Chrono.Naut/Nuclear Guru MR-071
Altamont Wanted Dead or Alive 10" MR-072
Acid King Down with the Crown 10" MR-073
Speedbuggy George Owens 10" MR-074
Mens Club Womam Driver 10" MR-075
Solarized Neanderthal Highway CD MR-076
Honky Deezy 10" MR-077
The Heads Mao Tinitus 10" MR-078
FuckEmos Celebration 10" MR-079
FuckEmos Celebration CD MR-080
The Desert Sessions #1 Instrumental Driving Music For Felons 10" MR-081
The Desert Sessions #2 Status: Ships Commander Butchered 10" MR-082
Electric Wizard Chrono.Naut 10" MR-083
Orange Goblin Nuclear Guru 10" MR-084
Altamont Civil War Fantasy CD MR-085
Hot Rod Honeys name and release status unknown MR-086
- MR-087 Prévu pour Los Gusanos 7", qui n'a jamais été édité
Acid King/Altamont Down with the Crown/Wanted Dead or Alive split CD MR-088
Flaming Burnout Estrus Benefit Compilation CD MR-089
Sex Pistols/The Curse split 7" MR-090
Drunk Horse Drunk Horse CD MR-091
Helios Creed Activated Condition CD MR-092
The Desert Sessions #1 & #2 CD MR-093
Hai Karate Hai Karate 10" MR-094
Hai Karate Hai Karate CD MR-095
Fang Electric Chair 7" MR-096
The Heads The Time Is Now CD MR-097
Various Artists 500 Miles To Glory Compilation CD MR-098
Entombed Entombed 10" MR-099
Los Natas Delmar CD MR-101
Alabama Thunderpussy Rise Again CD MR-102
Greenmachine D.A.M.N. CD MR-103
Acid King Busse Woods CD MR-104
The Idiots/Jack Saints Idiots/Jack Saints split CD MR-105
Gluecifer Gary O'Kane 10" MR-106
Electric Frankenstein Listen Up, Baby 10" (3,000 copies limited ed. green vinyl) MR-107
Electric Frankenstein / The Hookers Electric Frankenstein/The Hookers split CD MR-108
The Hookers The Hookers 10" MR-109
Cheap Dates Cheap Dates 10" MR-110
The Desert Sessions #3 Set Coordinates For White Dwarf 10" MR-111
The Desert Sessions #4 Hard Walls And Little Trips 10" MR-112
The Desert Sessions #3 & #4 CD MR-113
Candy Snatchers/Cheap Dates split CD MR-115
Hangnail One Million Layers B.C. 10"/CD MR-116
Gluecifer/The Hellacopters Respect the Rock America split CD MR-117
Entombed Black Juju CD MR-119
Ton Ups Tune Down CD MR-120
The Desert Sessions #5 Poetry For The Masses (Sea Shed Shit Head By The She Sore) 10" MR-121
The Desert Sessions #6 Poetry For The Masses (Black Anvil Ego) 10" MR-122
The Desert Sessions #5 & #6 CD MR-123
Valis/Kitty Kitty Valis/Kitty Kitty split CD MR-124
Angel Rot Unlistenable Hymns Of Indulgent Damage CD MR-125
The Demonics Formaldehyde Injection CD MR-126
The Fuckemos Can Kill You CD MR-127
The Fuckemos Black Helicopters CD MR-128
Soulpreacher Sonic Witchcraft CD MR-129
Iron Monkey We've Learned Nothing 10" MR-130
Church of Misery Murder Company 10" (Dark Purple vinyl) MR-131
Iron Monkey / Church of Misery We've Learned Nothing / Murder Company split CD MR-132
Nebula Sun Creature 10"/CD MR-133
Dozer In the Tail of a Comet CD MR-134
Dozer In the Tail of a Comet 10" MR-135
Vodka Collins Tokyo - New York CD MR-136
The Demonics Demons on Wheels CD MR-138
Goatsnake Flower of Disease CD MR-139
Cavity Supercollider CD MR-140
Queens of the Stone Age/Beaver The Split CD MR-141
The Vectors Some Raging Rock-n-Roll II 10" MR-142
Fatso Jetson Flames For All 10" MR-143
Fatso Jetson Flames For All CD MR-143CD
Lost Goat Equator CD MR-144
Stone Fox Totally Burnt CD MR-145
L7 Live: Omaha to Osaka CD MR-146
Gaza Strippers Laced Candy 10"/CD MR-147
Stisism Coping With Society CD MR-148
Turbonegro Apocalypse Dudes CD MR-149
River City Rapists River City Rapists 10" MR-150
Queens of the Stone Age Queens of the Stone AgeLP MR-151
The Bulemics Blurred Vision & Twisted Thoughts 10" MR-152
The Bulemics/River City Rapists split CD MR-153
Alabama Thunderpussy River City Revival CD MR-154
The Hellacopters Doggone Your Bad Luck Soul 10" green vinyl MR-155
Greenmachine The Earth Beater 10"/CD MR-156
Fu Manchu Eatin' Dust 10" MR-157
Fu Manchu Eatin' Dust CD MR-158
Sons of Otis Templeball CD MR-159
Beaver Lodge 10" MR-160
Beaver Lodge CD MR-161
Mass Mass CD MR-162
Fu Manchu Godzilla's Eatin' Dust LP MR-163
Hammerlock Anthems For Outlaws CD MR-167
The Robots The Day of the Robots CD MR-170
Earthlings? Human Beans LP #1 - Pete Stahl MR-171
Earthlings? Human Beans LP #2 - Dave Catching MR-172
Earthlings? Human Beans LP #3 - Fred Drake MR-173
Goatsnake Goatsnake I LP/CD MR-174
Unida Coping with the urban coyote CD MR-175
Alabama Thunderpussy Constellation CD MR-177
Tummler Queen to Bishop IV CD MR-178
The Fuckemos Airshow 2000 CD MR-181
Euroboys 1999 Man 10" MR-182
Brant Bjork Jalamanta CD MR-183
The Hot Rod Honeys Hungry and Horny CD MR-184
Euroboys 1999 Man CD EP MR-185
Che Sounds of Liberation CD MR-186
Natas Ciudad de Brahman CD MR-187
Antiseen Southern Hostility/Eat More Possum CD MR-189
Hellstomper Hillbilly Motherfucker CD MR-191
The Men of Porn Porn, American Style CD MR-192
High on Fire The Art of Self Defense CD MR-193
Euroboys Long Day's Flight 'till Tomorrow 2LP/CD MR-197
Sons of Otis SpaceJumboFudge CD MR-198
Earthlings? Human Beans CD MR-199
Suplecs Wreslin' with My Lady Friend CD MR-202
Disengage Obsessions Become Phobias CD MR-204
The Cutthroats 9 The Cutthroats 9 MR-206
Acid King/The Mystick Krewe of Clearlight Free.../The Father, the Son and the Holy Smoke split CD MR-2001
Melvins Electroretard CD MR-2002
Melvins Electroretard LP *testpressing exist* MR-2003
Drunk Horse Tanning Salon/Biblical Proportions CD MR-2004
Croatan Curse Of The Red Queen CD MR-2007
Operator Generator Polar Fleet CD MR-2008
Dozer Madre de Dios CD MR-2010
Beaver Mobile CD MR-2012
Backbiter/Elope Split CD MR-2015
Suplecs Sad Songs... Better Days CD MR-2018
Trailer Hitch Truth Is Fighting CD MR-2019
Altamont Our Darling CD MR-2020
Bottom Feels So Good When You're Gone CD MR-2023
Begotten s/t CD MR-2024


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