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Cet article présente les chansons (en) interprétées dans la série américaine Grey's Anatomy durant chaque épisode.

Saison 1 (2005)[modifier]

Épisodes Chansons Interprètes
1 Portions for Foxes Rilo Kiley
Super Cool BANG sugar BANG
They Jem
Dance The O.A.O.T.'s
Ready to Rise Vaughan Penn
Life Is Short Butterfly Boucher
Into the Fire Thirteen Senses
Delta (Little Boy Blues) Thirteen Senses
2 You Wouldn't Like Me Tegan and Sara
Sister Kate The Ditty Bops
Live and Learn The Cardigans
Wait Get Set Go
Somewhere Only We Know Keane
3 Hear You Breathing (Vocal) Stuart Reid
There's a Girl The Ditty Bops
I Won't Be Left Tegan and Sara
Wishful Thinking The Ditty Bops
You Are My Joy The Reindeer Section
Fools Like Me Lisa Loeb
4 Let Myself Fall Rosie Thomas
Where Does the Good Go Tegan and Sara
Could Be Anything The Eames Era
Let Myself Fall Rosie Thomas
Break Your Heart Get Set Go
Sunday Sia
Truth Vaughan Penn
Where Does the Good Go Tegan and Sara
5 Wake Up The Ditty Bops
Tiger, My Friend Psapp
Money Girl Dee
Evil Interpol
Edge of the Ocean Ivy
Sparkle Me Buffseeds
6 Save Me Jem
Chapter Psapp
Walk or Ride The Ditty Bops
Never Leave Your Heart Alone Butterfly Boucher
7 Wish I Jem
Downtown Tegan and Sara
Suitcase Joe Purdy
Hummingbird Wilco
8 David Nellie McKay
Feels Like Masha Qrella
Rapture Laura Veirs
I Love the Rain the Most Joe Purdy
No Illusions 78 Saab
Fix You Up Tegan and Sara
9 Big As the Sky AM 60
End of the World Party Medeski, Martin & Wood
The Dog Song Nellie McKay
Naked As We Came Iron & Wine
Whatever Gets You Through Today The Radio

Saison 2 (2005-2006)[modifier]

Épisodes Chansons Interprètes
1 I Want Candy Bow Wow Wow
Step Away from the Cliff Blue Eyed Son
All I Need Firstcom
Looking At the World from the Bottom of a Well Mike Doughty
Everyday Is a Holiday (With You) Esthero & Sean Lennon
Feel So Free Ivy
The City Joe Purdy
2 Just a Ride Jem
Suddenly I See KT Tunstall
Go Tell the World Joy Zipper
Beautiful Goldfrapp
What Can I Say Brandi Carlile
3 Sleep Get Set Go
By Heart Sylvie Lewis
Ruby Blue Roisin Murphy
Fools In Love Inara George
Song Beneath the Song Maria Taylor
4 Catch My Disease Ben Lee
I Fought the Angels The Delgados
Infinity Merrick
Ramalama (Bang Bang) Roisin Murphy
5 When I Come Home Blue-Eyed Son
Yellow Horse Cowboy Racer
Love in the Making Roisin Murphy
I Hear the Bells Mike Doughty
Don't Forget Me Way Out West
Not Tonight Tegan and Sara
6 Blood and Peanut Butter B.C. Camplight
Back Where I Was The Hereafter
The City Limits Umbrellas
Today Has Been OK Emiliana Torrini
7 Better Off Dead The Faders
Get Through Mark Joseph
Chewing Gum Annie
Other Side of the World KT Tunstall
Since You've Been Around Rosie Thomas
8 Sexy Mistake The Chalets
No Sleep Tonight Better Off Dead
I Melt With You Nouvelle Vague
Miss Halfway Anya Marina
Bang Bang to the Rock'n'roll Gabin
Far Away Blues Joe Purdy
Miss Halfway Anya Marina
9 Nu Nu (Yeah Yeah) Fannypack
New Song (From Me to You) Dressy Bessy
Too Hard Mark McAdam
Serenade Emiliana Torrini
Not Going Anywhere Keren Ann
Sad Eyes Josh Rouse
Dance The O.A.O.T.'s
10 Night of the Dancing Flame Roisin Murphy
Lotion Greenskeepers
Crying Shame Get Set Go
You and Me Lifehouse
High James Blunt
11 I Me You I'm Your Jim Noir
Two Step Gemma Hayes
Tears and Rain James Blunt
Sunny Road Emiliana Torrini
War On Sound Moonbabies
12 It Came Upon Midnight Clear Sixpence None The Richer
Here comes your Holidays on Ice
The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You) Nat "King" Cole
Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town Lou Rawls
This Christmastime Mascott & Dave Derby
Back Door Santa Jet
Christmas After All Maria Taylor
Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming Catie Curtis
Latke Clan The LeeVees
13 Hide Another Mistake The 88
One of These Days Kraak & Smaak
Ride Cary Brothers
Am I Just One Carey Ott
Break Your Momma's Back Slow Runner
14 A Good Thing Saint Etienne
Monster Hospital Metric
Wienermobile Girl Mike Tarantino
I Got Some Moves Sam Winch
Am I Just One Carey Ott
Fool's Gold Adrienne Pierce
15 Scratch Kendall Payne
Someone to Love Kate Earl
The Suggestion Box Aqueduct
Wanna Fly Vassy
Sailed On Landon Pigg
Just In Case Leeroy Stagger
Big Big World Emilia
16 Dead Streets Monotypes
Miniature Disasters KT Tunstall
Kaboom Ursula 1000
In The Sun Michael Stipe & Chris Martin
17 All the World (I Tell Myself) Correatown
World Spins Madly On The Weepies
Back In the Wild Greenskeepers
Breathe (2 AM) Anna Nalick
Unlike Me Kate Havnevik
Homebird Foy Vance

Saison 3 (2006-2007)[modifier]

Saison 4 (2007-2008)[modifier]

Saison 5 (2008-2009)[modifier]

Saison 6 (2009-2010)[modifier]

Saison 7 (2010-2011)[modifier]

Saison 8 (2011-2012)[modifier]

Saison 9 (2012-2013)[modifier]

Saison 10 (2013-2014)[modifier]

Saison 11 (2014-2015)[modifier]

Saison 12 (2015-2016)[modifier]

Épisodes Chansons Interprètes
1 Rude Boy Anni Rossi
Take Me Up Coleman Hell
Wrecking Ball Scars On 45
Try Tyler Ward
Fancy Tristan Prettyman
2 All About That Bass Tyler Ward & Two Worlds
Since U Been Gone Ian Keaggy
Shake It Off Us The Duo
Keep An Eye On Me Frida Sundemo
3 Confused Yukon Blonde
Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) Mr. Little Jeans
No Scrubs Sasha Spielberg & Robert Francis
Already Gone Sleeping at Last
Waking Light Beck
Are You Happy Now? Alexi von Guggenberg
4 Running Behind Holychild
Ignition (Remix) The Wind and The Wave
Believe Correatown
Halo Kris Orlowski
Butterfly Girl Duran Duran

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